SPaWn Corporation is in “the business of serving”. We were born out of need — the need for a prioritized approach to securing client’s information.

We specialize in information security services, including compliance, audit, advisory, and outsourcing.

We deliver with a focus on client service at the core, where our work is just a means to an end.


We are driven by a clear mission to ensure a hassele-free infosec consulting with best possible balance of excellence, impact, and efficiency.

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Using our knowledge and experience we design an infosec training that is tailored towards enabling the employees more efficient in their field.

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We are always researching and honing our skills, which enables us to apply latest cutting edge techniques and provide consultancy that best suit your needs.

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We offer a range of consultancy services that can be tailored to meet your organisations needs. Our consultancy team consists of the best information security talent accros the industry.


Our offensive methodologies help orgranizations identify their weaknesses, enabling them understand their flaws and risks.

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With Our compliance services that are tailored towards readiness we make companies achieve their compliance requirements with ease.

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Code Review

With Our secure code reviews we help organizations remediate many code flaws before a software is fully developed.

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Digital Forensics

Our forensics and breach assessment services we help organization sustain minimum damanges if a breach has occured or actively going on.

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